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These are lsp-mode specific custom settings:

  • lsp-log-io - If non-nil, print all messages to and from the language server to *lsp-log*.
  • lsp-print-performance - If non-nil, print performance info. to *lsp-log*.
  • lsp-keep-workspace-alive - If non nil keep workspace alive when the last workspace buffer is closed.
  • lsp-enable-snippet - Enable/disable snippet completion support.
  • lsp-auto-guess-root - Automatically guess the project root using projectile/project. Do not use this setting unless you are familiar with lsp-mode internals and you are sure that all of your projects are following projectile=/=project.el conventions.
  • lsp-restart - Defines how server exited event must be handled.
  • lsp-session-file - File where session information is stored.
  • lsp-auto-configure - Auto configure lsp-mode. When set to t, lsp-mode will auto-configure lsp-ui, dap-mode and other settings that makes sense to enable by default.
  • lsp-document-sync-method - How to sync the document with the language server.
  • lsp-auto-execute-action - Auto-execute single action.
  • lsp-eldoc-render-all - Display all of the info returned by document/onHover. If this is nil, eldoc will show only the symbol information.
  • lsp-enable-completion-at-point - Enable completion-at-point integration.
  • lsp-enable-xref - Enable xref integration.
  • lsp-diagnostics-provider - Specifies which package to use for diagnostics. Choose from :auto, :flycheck, :flymake and :none. Default is :auto which means use :flycheck if present and fallback to :flymake.
  • lsp-enable-indentation - Indent regions using the file formatting functionality provided by the language server.
  • lsp-enable-on-type-formatting - Enable textDocument/onTypeFormatting integration.
  • lsp-before-save-edits - If non-nil, lsp-mode will apply edits suggested by the language server before saving a document.
  • lsp-imenu-show-container-name - Display the symbol's container name in an imenu entry.
  • lsp-imenu-container-name-separator - Separator string to use to separate the container name from the symbol while displaying imenu entries.
  • lsp-imenu-sort-methods - How to sort the imenu items. The value is a list of kind, name or position. Priorities are determined by the index of the element.
  • lsp-response-timeout - Number of seconds to wait for a response from the language server before timing out.
  • lsp-enable-file-watchers - If non-nil lsp-mode will watch the files in the workspace if the server has requested that.
  • lsp-server-trace - Request trace mode on the language server.
  • lsp-semantic-tokens-enable - Enable semantic tokens highlighting support
  • lsp-enable-imenu - If non-nil, automatically enable imenu integration when server provides textDocument/documentSymbol.
  • lsp-signature-auto-activate - Auto activate signature when trigger conditions are meet.
  • lsp-signature-render-documentation - Include signature documentation in signature help.
  • lsp-enable-text-document-color - Enable textDocument/documentColor when server supports it.
  • lsp-headerline-breadcrumb-enable - Enable lsp-headerline-breadcrumb-mode.

Last update: April 15, 2021