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Table of Contents#

lsp-mode client leveraging Pyright language server


(use-package lsp-pyright
  :ensure t
  :hook (python-mode . (lambda ()
                          (require 'lsp-pyright)
                          (lsp))))  ; or lsp-deferred


lsp-pyright supports the following configuration. Each configuration is described in detail in Pyright Settings.

  • pyright.disableLanguageServices via lsp-pyright-disable-language-services
  • pyright.disableOrganizeImports via lsp-pyright-disable-organize-imports
  • python.analysis.autoImportCompletions via lsp-pyright-auto-import-completions
  • python.analysis.useLibraryCodeForTypes via lsp-pyright-use-library-code-for-types
  • python.analysis.typeshedPaths via lsp-pyright-typeshed-paths
  • python.analysis.diagnosticMode via lsp-pyright-diagnostic-mode
  • python.analysis.typeCheckingMode via lsp-pyright-typechecking-mode
  • python.analysis.logLevel via lsp-pyright-log-level
  • python.analysis.autoSearchPaths via lsp-pyright-auto-search-paths
  • python.analysis.extraPaths via lsp-pyright-extra-paths
  • python.venvPath via lsp-pyright-venv-path

Projects can be further configured using pyrightconfig.json file. For further details please see Pyright Configuration.

Usage notes#

Pyright includes a recent copy of the Python stdlib type stubs. To add type stubs for additional libraries, customize lsp-pyright-stub-path, or place the appropriate type stubs in typings subdirectory of your project (this is the default stub path). Note that without stubs but with lsp-pyright-use-library-code-for-types non-nil, you may see type checking errors, particularly for complex libraries such as Pandas.

Example setup to get typechecking working properly for Pandas:

git clone $HOME/src
  (setq lsp-pyright-use-library-code-for-types t) ;; set this to nil if getting too many false positive type errors
  (setq lsp-pyright-stub-path (concat (getenv "HOME") "/src/python-type-stubs")) ;; example

Last update: July 31, 2023