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Table of Contents#

lsp-mode client leveraging Pyright language server


(use-package lsp-pyright
  :ensure t
  :hook (python-mode . (lambda ()
                          (require 'lsp-pyright)
                          (lsp))))  ; or lsp-deferred


lsp-pyright supports the following configuration. Each configuration is described in detail in Pyright Settings.

  • pyright.disableLanguageServices via lsp-pyright-disable-language-services
  • pyright.disableOrganizeImports via lsp-pyright-disable-organize-imports
  • python.analysis.autoImportCompletions via lsp-pyright-auto-import-completions
  • python.analysis.useLibraryCodeForTypes via lsp-pyright-use-library-code-for-types
  • python.analysis.typeshedPaths via lsp-pyright-typeshed-paths
  • python.analysis.diagnosticMode via lsp-pyright-diagnostic-mode
  • python.analysis.typeCheckingMode via lsp-pyright-typechecking-mode
  • python.analysis.logLevel via lsp-pyright-log-level
  • python.analysis.autoSearchPaths via lsp-pyright-auto-search-paths
  • python.analysis.extraPaths via lsp-pyright-extra-paths
  • python.venvPath via lsp-pyright-venv-path

Projects can be further configured using pyrightconfig.json file. For further details please see Pyright Configuration.

Choosing the correct version of Python#

lsp-pyright will try its best to select the correct version of the python executable to use. It will do so by iteratively executing different search functions, going from most precise to most general.

The list and order of the list can be modified by customizing lsp-pyright-python-search-functions. By default the order is: - Look for a parent directory with a virtual-environment named .venv or venv via lsp-pyright--locate-python-venv. - Look for a python executable on your PATH via lsp-pyright--locate-python-python.

Usage notes#

Pyright includes a recent copy of the Python stdlib type stubs. To add type stubs for additional libraries, customize lsp-pyright-stub-path, or place the appropriate type stubs in typings subdirectory of your project (this is the default stub path). Note that without stubs but with lsp-pyright-use-library-code-for-types non-nil, you may see type checking errors, particularly for complex libraries such as Pandas.

Example setup to get typechecking working properly for Pandas:

git clone $HOME/src
  (setq lsp-pyright-use-library-code-for-types t) ;; set this to nil if getting too many false positive type errors
  (setq lsp-pyright-stub-path (concat (getenv "HOME") "/src/python-type-stubs")) ;; example

Last update: April 16, 2024