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Extending DAP with new Debug servers#

There are two methods that are used for registering remote extensions:

  • dap-register-debug-provider - register a method to call for populating startup parameters. It should either populate :debugPort and :host in case of TCP Debug Adapter Server or :dap-server-path when STD out must be used for Debug Adapter Server communication.
  • dap-register-debug-template register a debug template which will be available when dap-debug is called. The debug template must specify :type key which will be used to determine the provider to be called to populate missing fields.


For full example you may check dap-java.el.

 (lambda (conf)
   (plist-put conf :debugPort 1234)
   (plist-put conf :host "localhost")

(dap-register-debug-template "Example Configuration"
                             (list :type "java"
                                   :request "launch"
                                   :args ""
                                   :name "Run Configuration"))

Last update: September 18, 2023