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  • Launch/Attach
  • Breakpoints
  • Exceptions
  • Pause & Continue
  • Step In/Out/Over
  • Callstacks
  • Threads
  • Multiple simultaneous debug sessions
  • Evaluating statements
  • Debug/Run configurations (also with launch.json files)
  • Expressions

Debugger commands#

Command Description
dap-breakpoint-toggle Toggle breakpoint at line
dap-breakpoint-delete Delete breakpoint at line
dap-breakpoint-add Add breakpoint at line
dap-breakpoint-condition Set/unset breakpoint condition
dap-breakpoint-hit-condition Set/unset breakpoint hit condition
dap-breakpoint-log-message Set/unset breakpoint log message
dap-eval Eval string
dap-eval-region Eval region string
dap-eval-thing-at-point Eval symbol at point
dap-step-in Debug step in
dap-next Debug next
dap-step-out Debug step out
dap-stop-thread Stop thread
dap-restart-frame Restart frame
dap-continue Debug continue
dap-disconnect Cancel current debug session
dap-switch-stack-frame Switch active stack frame
dap-switch-thread Switch active thread
dap-switch-session Switch active session
dap-debug-edit-template Generate run command
dap-debug Create and run new configuration using the available templates
dap-debug-last Debug previous configuration
dap-debug-recent Select configuration to run from the previously started command
dap-go-to-output-buffer Go output buffer


Command Description
dap-ui-sessions Show active/terminated sessions view
dap-ui-locals Show locals view
dap-ui-expressions Show expressions view
dap-ui-breakpoints Show breakpoints view
dap-ui-repl DAP UI REPL


The session view is shown after invoking dap-ui-sessions . It represents the list of the active sessions.


Locals can be viewed after invoking dap-ui-locals.


Watch expressions can be viewed after invoking dap-ui-expressions. You could add remove watch expressions via dap-ui-expressions-add and dap-ui-expressions-remove.


Breakpoints can be viewed after invoking dap-ui-breakpoints.

  1. Keybindings

    Command Description Keybindings
    dap-ui-breakpoints-goto Go to breakpoint under cursor \<return>
    dap-ui-breakpoints-delete Delete breakpoint under cursor d
    dap-ui-breakpoints-delete-selected Delete selected breakpoints D
    bui-list-mark Mark breakpoint under point m
    bui-list-unmark Unmark breakpoint under point u
    bui-list-unmark-all Unmark breakpoint under point U

Loaded sources#

Loaded sources can be viewed by invoking dap-tm-loaded-sources.

DAP debug REPL#

DAP provides a debug shell to execute commands when the program has hit breakpoints. The REPL has the same features as regular emacs shells (e.g. command history, C-p/n navigation through history, etc.) in addition to optional company-mode autocompletion.

launch.json support#

DAP supports launch.json files out of the box, and there is nothing that needs to be enabled. All that needs to be done is to add a launch.json file at the project root or the .vscode directory within the project root and to run dap-debug. All configurations stored in the launch.json will automatically show up in the selection. launch.json files in DAP are just like in VSCode and even support variables. See:

Compiling the project before debugging#

Many modern IDEs, for example Eclipse and VSCode (preLaunchTask), provide functionality to compile the project before starting the debug session.

dap-mode also has such a feature: the :dap-compilation property of launch configurations ("dap-compilation" in launch.json) specifies a shell command that needs to execute successfully before the debug session is started. :dap-compilation-dir can be used to control where the compilation is started.

In the future, we want to support VSCode's preLaunchTask instead, but currently there is no tasks.json-compatible task runner for Emacs.

Last update: June 11, 2024