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Debugging Python when using Poetry and Pyenv#

This guide is based on this guide on reddit

One seemingly sane stack for Python development is Poetry + Pyenv. To debug a project using poetry, start by running

poetry config true
poetry add --group dev debugpy
poetry install
Then, in emacs-land, install with-venv and add the following snippet wherever you tend to add snippets:
  (use-package dap-mode
  :after lsp-mode
  :commands dap-debug
  :hook ((python-mode . dap-ui-mode) (python-mode . dap-mode))
  (require 'dap-python)
  (setq dap-python-debugger 'debugpy)
  (defun dap-python--pyenv-executable-find (command)
    (with-venv (executable-find "python")))

  (add-hook 'dap-stopped-hook
            (lambda (arg) (call-interactively #'dap-hydra))))

You should now be able to debug your projects by calling dap-hydra as normal.

Last update: June 11, 2024