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Go (gopls)#

lsp-mode provides Go language support via the gopls language server. See upstream for gopls installation instructions.


By default, some gopls analyzers are enabled and others are disabled. To override, use:

(setq lsp-go-analyses '((shadow . t)
                        (simplifycompositelit . :json-false)))


Working with nested go.mod files#

If you encounter an error like one of these:

  • errors loading workspace: You are working in a nested module. Please open it as a separate workspace folder
  • This file is in %s, which is a nested module in the %s module. gopls currently requires one module per workspace folder. Please open %s as a separate workspace folder

Then the problem is most likely because lsp-mode has not started gopls with the correct root directory. By default lsp-mode will pick the root of your whole Git repository (or whatever else Projectile turns up) for all language servers started inside the repo. However, if you have nested go.mod files, you need to have lsp-mode start separate instances of gopls for each nested go.mod, and use the appropriate one for each file. You can make this work by manually invoking M-x lsp-workspace-folders-add and adding each nested go.mod directory as a workspace folder. Then reloading LSP with M-x lsp in an affected file (or restarting Emacs) will cause the file to be re-associated with a gopls process running under the correct project workspace.

See #3473 for a bit more discussion of this particular issue.

Last update: June 10, 2024