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Type: boolean

Default: nil

When non-nil, clean the diagnostics on change.

Note that when that setting is nil, lsp-mode will show stale diagnostics until server publishes the new set of diagnostics


Type: (repeat list)

Default: ((unnecessary :foreground gray) (deprecated :strike-through t))

The Attributes used on the diagnostics. List containing (tag attributes) where tag is the LSP diagnostic tag and attributes is a plist containing face attributes which will be applied on top the flycheck face for that error level.


Type: (repeat symbol)

Default: nil

A list of major models for which lsp-diagnostics-mode should be disabled.


Type: (choice (const error) (const warning) (const info))

Default: error

Error level to use when the server does not report back a diagnostic level.


Type: (choice (const :tag Pick flycheck if present and fallback to flymake :auto) (const :tag Pick flycheck :flycheck) (const :tag Pick flymake :flymake) (const :tag Use neither flymake nor lsp :none) (const :tag Prefer flymake t) (const :tag Prefer flycheck nil))

Default: :auto

The checker backend provider.

Last update: February 27, 2024