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For more information about the LSP server, check VHDL Tool.


For more instructions on how to install manually, check here.

Debugger: Not available#

Available configurations#


Type: (choice (const :tag VHDL-tool vhdl-tool) (const :tag HDL Checker hdl-checker) (const :tag VHDL LS vhdl-ls) (const :tag GHDL LS ghdl-ls))

Default: vhdl-tool

Select which server to use: VHDL-tool: A syntax checking, type checking and linting tool (

HDL Checker: A wrapper for third party tools such as GHDL, ModelSim, Vivado Simulator (

VHDL LS: A complete VHDL language server protocol implementation with diagnostics, navigate to symbol, find all references etc (

GHDL LS: A LSP server for VHDL based on GHDL (


Type: file

Default: nil

Path to binary server file.

Last update: July 11, 2024