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  • How do I troubleshoot "Server FOO-LS:pid exited with status signal. Do you want to restart it? (y or n)"?
    • This message indicates that the language server has crashed for some reason. You may check the server stderr which is *FOO-LS::stderr*. If you get this try to run the exact command that lsp-mode is running in the terminal. You may find it in *lsp-log* buffer.
  • How to configure a server with local variables?
    • Add lsp server call to hack-local-variables-hook which runs right after the local variables are loaded.
      (add-hook 'hack-local-variables-hook
                (lambda () (when (derived-mode-p 'XXX-mode) (lsp))))
  • I have multiple language servers registered for language FOO. Which one will be used when opening a project?
    • The one with highest priority wins. lsp-clients.el predefined servers have priority -1, lower than external packages (priority 0 if unspecified). If a server is registered with :add-on? flag set to t it will be started in parallel to the other servers that are registered for the current mode.
  • I have multiple language servers for language FOO and I want to select the server per project, what can I do?
    • You may create dir-local for each of the projects and specify list of lsp-enabled-clients. This will narrow the list of the clients that are going to be tested for the project.
  • The completion does not work fine and inserts arguments and placeholders, what I am doing wrong?
    • make sure you have installed yasnippet and you have yasnippet minor mode enabled.
  • I am getting "Package ‘spinner-1.7.3’ is unavailable" when trying to install lsp-mode.
    • This is caused by GPG keys used by the ELPA package manager not being up to date. You may fix by installing: gnu-elpa-keyring-update
  • The flycheck does not work in typescript, html and javascript blocks in vue-mode. How to fix that?
    • This is caused by the fact that vue-mode uses multiple major modes in single file and the lsp-ui checker may not associated with the major mode at point. You could fix that by adding the following lines to your config.
      (with-eval-after-load 'lsp-mode
        (mapc #'lsp-flycheck-add-mode '(typescript-mode js-mode css-mode vue-html-mode)))
  • I have disabled snippets and Rust Analyzer server inserts redundant $0 when performing completion?
  • How do I force lsp-mode to forget the workspace folders for multi root servers so the workspace folders are added on demand?

    • Use the following snippet:
      (advice-add 'lsp :before (lambda (&rest _args) (eval '(setf (lsp-session-server-id->folders (lsp-session)) (ht)))))
  • When using clojure with clojure-lsp lsp-mode is interfering with typing (e. g. deleting whitespace while typing), how to fix that?

    • The issue is caused by clojure-lsp server being more aggressive with formatting(deleting whitespaces) and aggressive-indent-mode being on and calling it while typing. The solution is either to disable aggressive-indent-mode or to disable lsp-mode formatting via lsp-enable-indentation.

Last update: April 15, 2021