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JavaScript/TypeScript (RECOMMENDED)#


For more information about the LSP server, check typescript-language-server (formerly theia-ide / TypeFox).


This Server supports automatic install. Install this language server with M-xlsp-install-serverRETts-lsRET.

npm i -g typescript-language-server; npm i -g typescript

Debugger: Yes (Firefox/Chrome)#

Available configurations#


Type: plist

Default: nil

Configuration options provided to tsserver. See the UserPreferences interface at for the list of options available in the latest version of TypeScript.


Type: string

Default: info

The server log verbosity.


Type: (restricted-sexp :tag Vector :match-alternatives (lambda (xs) (and (vectorp xs) (seq-every-p (-lambda ((&plist :name :location)) (and name location)) xs))))

Default: []

The list of plugins to load. It should be a vector of plist with keys :location and :name where :name is the name of the package and :location is the directory containing the package. Example: (vector (list :name "@vsintellicode/typescript-intellicode-plugin" :location ".vscode/extensions/visualstudioexptteam. vscodeintellicode-1.1.9/"))


Type: (repeat string)

Default: (--stdio)

Extra arguments for the typescript-language-server language server.


Type: string

Default: typescript-language-server

Path to the typescript-language-server binary.

Last update: January 15, 2022