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TeX, LaTeX, etc.#


For more information about the LSP server, check texlab.


cargo install --git

Debugger: Not available#

root_file: docs/manual-language-docs/

Available functions#


Build .tex files with texlab. It use latexmk by default, so add .latexmkrc if you want to customize latex commands or options. You can change build command and option to other such as make, by changing lsp-latex-build-executable and lsp-latex-build-args.

This command builds asynchronously by default, while it build synchronously with prefix argument(C-u).

Move to current position on pdf viewer. To use, you should set lsp-latex-forward-search-executable and lsp-latex-forward-search-args according to your pdf viewer. See also document of texlab.


In this package, you can use even texlab v0.4.2 or older, written with Java, though it is not recommended. If you want to use them, you can write like:

;; Path to Java executable. If it is added to environmental PATH,
;; you don't have to write this.
(setq lsp-latex-java-executable "/path/to/java")

;; "texlab.jar" must be located at a directory contained in `exec-path'
;; "texlab" must be located at a directory contained in `exec-path'.
(setq lsp-latex-texlab-jar-file 'search-from-exec-path)
;; If you want to put "texlab.jar" somewhere else,
;; you can specify the path to "texlab.jar" as follows:
;; (setq lsp-latex-texlab-jar-file "/path/to/texlab.jar")

Available configurations#

Last update: February 3, 2023